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At ELIA, we want to discuss insurance plan options with you and provide protection for your family or small business. Taking care of this matter could take only minutes of your time, while not taking care of it could affect your loved ones for years to come. 

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We consider ALL health conditions.  Our carriers are Top Rated and our rates are competitive. 

Why Buy Life Insurance, Now?

People purchase life insurance for many reasons.  Death is inevitable.  Therefore, preparing our loved ones financially for that unforeseen time is crucial.  Most people buy life insurance because it is the 'responsible' thing to do.  Not only does it prevent families from facing financial difficulty, but it can do so for just pennies a day. 

Some reasons people buy life insurance include:

(1)  Family Protection - to cover the loss of crucial family income due to death in the family;

(2)  Covering Important Family Events - such as marriage, home/asset purchase, birth of a child,
       when financial goals should be reviewed;(3)  Purchasing While Healthy - insurance rates increase with
       age, and health conditions could prevent coverage;

(4)  Supplementing Employment Insurance - many workplace plans require yearly qualifying. Plans can be
       lost upon unemployment, illness;

(5)  Reaching Family Goals - having insurance can help loved ones continue to meet their health, financial
       and educational goals;

(6)  Business Interests - investments, business contributions, etc, which affect family members, business
       associates and others;

(7)  Burial Protection - to cover the cost of burial when all other needs have been met.

Why Contact Our Agency?

1.  As Insurance Brokers, we can provide several affordable plan options
     from several reputable, top rated insurance carriers;

2.  We offer competitively priced plan options with no unexpected or
      hidden cost;

3.  We put your needs first, meaning your satisfaction is our primary
     concern; and

4.  We offer excellent customer service!

What Types of Life Insurance Plans are There?

There are generally three types of life insurance plans:

(1) Term Life Insurance - generally level-benefit, insurance-only plans, meaning there is no cash value. They typically offer more insurance coverage for the dollar than whole life plans for a specified term of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 40 years - after which rates increase significantly;

(2)  Universal Life Insurance (UL) - 'term-like' plans that allow flexible payments for as long as the policy is current;

(3)  Whole Life Insurance - plans with cash value options that generally cost more for coverage than term plans, but that allow lesser death benefit amounts, as well.  Based upon the applicant's qualifications, they can offer Immediate Benefits, Graded Benefits and Return of Premium benefits.  Whole life plans can cover all ages, but can also be Final Expense plans that generally cover ages 50 and up.  Or Guaranteed Issue plans that are available for hard to cover health conditions.

What Plans Are Available?

At ELIA, we want to serve you in every possible way.  One way is by offering a variety of plans - and that's because we assist a variety of people; people with varying incomes, lifestyles and needs. 

We offer the following life insurance plans:

   Term Life          Whole Life            Universal Life      Accident (Life) Insurance

                         Common Carrier Life        Child & Grandchild Life     

   Key Man Insurance           Mortgage Life              Senior Life - Final Expense          


How Easy Is It To Get Coverage?

With our simple application process, you can easily get coverage by phone application or by personal interview - depending upon the plan applied for and whatever is more convenient for you.  We will explain the coverage you are getting and work hard to get the best possible rates to fit your plan needs.  Many of our carriers can qualify you and provide coverage within a matter of days. 

Call Us Today!  Applications taken by Phone and by Personal Interview. (based upon plan type)

We are waiting to discuss your insurance needs!     

Ask Us About Part-Time and Full-Time Business Opportunities

E-mail:   [email protected] 

Phone:    (470) 207-4253



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